The first Chelsea Bowling Club operated from 1921 to 1923 and with the Chelsea Tennis Club was on land between Avondale Avenue & Beachway behind the Chelsea General Store and Wine Cafe, where today the Longbeach Hotel is located.

The local Chelsea News reported at a meeting of the Borough of Carrum on 13th September 1920 that a request from local citizens was received to purchase land for a Recreation Reserve to accommodate several activities including Lawn Bowls.

The land being proposed was 9 acres at the foot of Chelsea Road, east of Foam Street (later named Beardsworth Avenue) and would provide a playing oval, a 7 rink bowling green, tennis courts, basketball area, fire brigade training and competition track.

In November 1922 the Borough of Chelsea moved to borrow 1600 pounds to purchase the land and in January 1923 the land was purchased.

Sadly in March 1923 the Chelsea Bowling Club closed due to lack of money.

It is not known when the Chelsea Bowling Club reformed, however it is probable the Club became an entity in 1924 following the land purchase.

In May 1926 the Council approved the Club’s request to erect a weather board pavilion  next to the green which was completed in June 1926 and electric light was installed.

The Club had 50 members and the inaugural Opening of the 8 rink Green was on October 2nd 1926.